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As an active trader if you strictly traded the stocks that are in play such as upgrades and stocks that reported good earnings the previous session you will be right most of the time. As traders we look for consistency, edge and the law of probability. Choosing the right stocks each day puts the odds in our favor.



  • Login to the dashboard at 9:00 am

  • Review the FOCUS LIST

  • Choose one stock to trade

  • Wait for the market to settle after the open

  • Bank your profits and move on with your day


A portion of any investor’s holdings should be short-term, whether it’s a day trade or a position you hold for several days or weeks. What we offer would cost you a few hundred dollars in subscription fees per month however, you get it all for $9.99 per month cancel anytime. We do not trade penny stocks and we do not short stocks.

We are the morning newspaper for day traders.

At The Daily Movers we are a data driven company providing the edge traders need each morning before the bell rings. Our goal is to improve a trader’s consistency so the green days each month outnumber the reds. It’s crucial to know what stocks are moving and the reasons why.  We give you the top stocks owned by hedge funds, big insider trades, major upgrades each morning, and daily earnings. 

Our site is special, we have everything you need in one place without having to pay several subscriptions. Our services are billed monthly and subscribers can cancel at any time. 

Our Dashboard starts updating each morning at 8:40am and provides subscribers with;

  • the key stocks in focus each day

  • the big movers of the morning

  • top stocks held by hedge funds

  • notable upgrades

  • upcoming earnings

  • news affecting markets

  • notable insider stock buys



About Us

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