Buying and holding stocks for years at a time can be profitable and then again not, this goes for mutual funds and etfs as well. 

Warren Buffet is the most popular buy and hold investor of all time however that’s no longer his strategy.

Let’s talk facts, Warren typically does not make day to day investment decisions any longer, most of these large buy and sell decisions are done by his two lieutenants, Ted Weschler and Todd Combs. In recent months they have sold a lot of bank stocks, sold their positions in airlines, trimmed their investment in Apple, bought a new telecommunication company, which just went IPO, and invested in a cloud computing company called Snowflake. The world is moving at a brisk pace, Berkshire is no longer buying and holding for decades. And yes you read that right Berkshire invested in an IPO. 

Berkshire Hathaway’s strategy has evolved over the years, they continue to have a large cash position, trim winners that have done well, sell the stocks that have underperformed and enter new positions when the time is right. 

Still think buying and holding for years is the way to go?   Investors today have access to quality research and in some cases better research then the institutions. In addition, individual investors can move money much faster and get better pricing than large institutional buyers.

Educating yourself is important. Here is a trading indicator we use often

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Time Frame: 1-minute

Stoch Length 14 OverSold 20 OverBought 80

Exp Mov Avg Slow Line Yellow = 20

Fast Line Pink = 3 Fast Line Green = 8

Candle Type: Heikin Ashi