As day traders we are more concerned with the move after the open. How many times do we read a headline where a stock moves 15% in one day however most of the move was in pre-market trading.  Pre-market moves are useless, we are concerned with what's moving during the regular session. 

Honeywell was upgraded in pre-market by two separate firms. In addition it was highlighted on our subscriber dashboard. We had to wait on this one and entered a position around 10:00am. 

Information is key and these moves happen everyday.  Part of anyone's portfolio should be focused on short-term opportunities. Click here to understand why. 


At The Daily Movers we do not trade penny stocks and we never short a stock. We trade large companies that have significant volume each day, preferably 5mil shares per day or more. And we always trade stocks that have a catalyst such as earnings or an upgrade. 

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Today's Mover April 9, 2021